Leading is doing the impossible

Turn strategy into action in



The current problem

It’s not having the wrong strategy, it’s failing to execute it

Executing strategy means meetings, lots of meetings. Meeting to prepare, to discuss, to plan, to align, to decide, to pitch, to re-align, to debrief, and to adjust. Every decision, risk, or action brought up needs to be translated into some document or administrative system.

You struggle to generate momentum, achieve alignment, or secure accountability and never truly know where you stand.

Our Solutions

Less meeting, More doing

Fulcrum allows teams to connect strategy directly to execution. You capture, iterate, and activate your plan at the speed of business using a simple, intuitive canvas that displays your work with stunning visual clarity.

It’s one place to dynamically plan, align, and resource your strategy to bring it to life faster than ever before.

Where your team plans, aligns and executes strategy

Collaborate with teammates to develop your approach
Get buy-in, boost accountability across teams, justify budget
Break big goals down and assign resources to get work done

The Unstuck Machine

Fulcrum helps you and your teammates turn strategic goals into action plans.

Our workflows and collaboration tools make it easy to update your systems of record so that you can share your progress with others.

Fulcrum turns leaders into superheroes

"We needed to be better at designing outcome-focused work so we could explore different ways of working"

Patty VP

"You need to be able to quickly get your thoughts down, take input from others, and start taking action"

Dave VP

"It's extremely important to know if you and your team are aligned on the same end objective"

Jeetu EVP/GM